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The project

Our 10 rules

  1. Stand together on all 82 4000m peaks of the Alps and document this with a selfie on each summit.

  2. Time frame: Maximum 72 days, starting on June 8th 2024.

  3. Movement only on foot or by paraglider, no other means of transport such as cable cars, bicycles, etc.

  4. Independence regarding material. No exchange of material during the tour, except 1:1 replacement in case of defects.

  5. No support vehicle.

  6. Use of existing accommodation and bivouacs.

  7. Start from our home in Frutigen, finish in Frutigen.

  8. Continuously adapting tactics and route depending on the conditions and our constitution.

  9. If bad weather lasts longer than five days: Possibility of a temporary journey home by public transport; if the weather improves, travel by public transport to the starting point and continue the adventure.

  10. Project termination due to injury, illness or hopelessness.



  • We set off from home on foot for a great adventure with a small ecological footprint.

  • We transfer the combination of mountaineering and paragliding to the 4000m peaks of the Alps and try to push the boundaries of what is possible.

  • We aim to be the first to climb all 4000m peaks in the Alps in this elegant way.

  • We benefit from each other’s expertise and learn from each other.

  • We keep an eye on each other, are honest and act with an awareness of risks and always with a sufficient safety margin and as friends.

  • We invite everyone interested to follow the preparation and implementation of our adventure online.


Our challenges

  • Equipment: Minimalistic but still have everything we need.

  • Sufficient physical and mental robustness to cope with extraordinary physical demands, in particular long, flat walks with mountain boots and heavy backpacks, many vertical metres on foot, long stages and adverse conditions.

  • Dealing with bad weather, wind, cold and heat.

  • Making good tactical route decisions based on the conditions (snow, wind, visibility, weather changes) and the human factor (our mental and physical condition).

  • Overcoming all challenges together and in a friendly manner.


Our equipment

  • Flight equipment: ADVANCE Theta / Weightless / Lightpack ULS / XC Tracer Mini V

  • Mountain equipment: Climbing harness / Climbing rope 35m / Back Up Line 5mm 35m / 5 screw carabiners / 3 ice screws / ice axe / crampons / 3 slings 120mm / 5 express / 5 totem cams

  • Electronics: Mobile phones / 10`000mAh power bank / GoPro / Headlamps / inReach

  • Otherwise: Hiking poles / first aid kit / stove

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